Business Intelligence

BI is consisting of planning and technology used by industries for analysis of data and business information. For decision making ranging from operational to strategic BI works well. Bi technologies provide past, present and future prospect for business operations. BI encloses collection of tools, methods and applications which collect information from internal system and external supply, analyze, create and run queries against that data, create dashboard, report and finally decision making. With this information, one can make strategy for effective business turns.

Business Intelligence Applications


Software that make a group of performance metrics and benchmarking that advices business owners about growth of their goals.


Software that make measurable processes for a business to reach at proper decision and to perform business knowledge discovery. Process mining, data mining, statistical analysis, predictive analytics, predictive modeling, business process modeling, data lineage, complex event processing and prescriptive analytics.

Enterprise Reporting

Software that make infrastructure for calculating report to serve strategic management of a business, not operational reporting. Data visualization, executive information system and OLAP come in that.

Data Interaction

Software that manage large amount of data in single table with proper visualization. Examine your data, dashboard, trends and patterns and finalize your output using this user interface.

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