Hotel Management

A new generation cloud based hotel management system for all types of hotels and properties to computerize the whole extent of operations without lifting a finger. Complete solution software for hotels, hotel chains, resorts, motels, Restaurants, caf├ęs, inns, etc.

Reyank Hotel Management System

Reyank offers simplified hotel management operations while utilizing every opportunity to boost hotel revenue and improving operating efficiency.Reyank provides uncomplicated hotel management system while using each chance to support inn income and enhancing working proficiency.

property management system icon
property management system icon

Fontdesk Management Software

The complicated operations of the front office handled in easy way, offering your front office staff a consistent way to deal with rapidly complete the undertakings alongside empowering visitor correspondence.

Point Of Sales (POS) Management Software

POS Software is intended to deal with all needs of individual shops or restaurant chain in a precise route as it is effortlessly configurable as indicated by the necessities of the clients according to their business sort.

property management system icon
property management system icon

Back Office Management Software

This Back office software provides all management of materials, food & beverage costing and back office accounting. Uniting the Accounts and Finance this module involves Universal System of Hotel Accounting Policy with cutting edge reports.

Banquet Management System

Beginning from checking for lobby/Venue accessibility and following enquiries and temporary booking to Confirmed appointments, era of Function Prospectus, accumulation of progress collection of advance, to final billing and settlement can be dealt easily.

property management system icon
property management system icon

Club Management Software

Club Management software deals with the general operations like Spa Management, billing, member management, Member Facilities Billing payroll, Check-in, POS.

Night Audit Software

With overall view of each and every transaction in hotel, this software offers night audits and securing your hotel information like never before.

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Procurement & Purchase Management

A different Procurement & Purchase Management for hotels that provides Recipe Costing, hotel inventory, hotel cost control etc.

Housekeeping Management Software

Housekeeping Management Software automates daily housekeeping in the hotel activities. Once rooms are cleaned and inspected, its status is automatically updated in PMS.

property management system icon
property management system icon

Payroll Management Software

Track and manage all the staff/employee time attendance, schedule, leaves and other activities in the payroll module.